Lunch at Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop



The choice of Leon’s for my first meal in Charleston was easy—it was the only restaurant on my list that served lunch on Sunday instead of brunch. Bottomless mimosas and $20 pancakes hold no attraction for me.

Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop operates out of a converted auto body shop. Can’t get any less pretentious than that.

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter

The restaurant, which describes itself as a “comfortable Southern joint”, was fun and friendly, with a good mix of families, singles, and dates.  This comfortable Southern joint, though, has been “recognized as a leader in Charleston’s food scene by Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Condé Nast Traveler, New York Times, James Beard Foundation, and Travel & Leisure“.

I thought the food was just OK. I had the Leon’s Fish Fry: Three oysters, three shrimp, three pieces of catfish, two hush puppies, and a side of scalloped potatoes. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the superior platter that Captain White’s Seafood on the Wharf here in Washington offers for the same price, but I wasn’t impressed.

Leon's Interior. Image Found on the Web.

Leon’s Interior. Image Found on the Web.


Killing Eve Season 2 — Teaser Trailer

I’m far from the only person who thought BBC America’s Killing Eve was the best new TV series of 2018. Metacritic reported that Killing Eve appeared on more critics’ 2018 Top Ten lists than any other show, The Guardian and Time named it best of 2018, and the Tomatometer stands at 97%.

And then there’s this, from Netflix:

The thing is, Killing Eve isn’t a Netflix show; it streams on Hulu. Netflix demonstrated real class by promoting programming on a rival streaming service, simply because the show is so damn good.

For those arriving late, Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri, a mid-level civil servant convinced that a female hired killer is behind a string of assassinations. That leads to her recruitment by a shadowy little MI-6 operation run by Fiona Shaw’s Carolyn Marten. The assassin is Villanelle, the charming, stylish, and very funny psychopath played by Jodie Comer.

When BBC America saw what it had with Killing Eve, it commissioned a second series of the show before any episodes of the first season had aired. Very smart move, BBC America.

That second series will begin its run on 7 April 2019.*

Highest Recommendation.

*That’s one week before the 14 April 2019 return of Game of Thrones.

“April is the cruelest month”? Ha! T. S. Eliot obviously didn’t subscribe to the right streaming services.

Even More Update

Home again, home again, again.

I’m back in DC after taking a mid-winter break in Charleston, South Carolina, because February in Washington is an excellent time to be elsewhere.

This wasn’t one of my usual museums/stately homes/galleries/palaces culture-vulture marathons. I went without a list of must-visit attractions. I just needed some time away from home, to clear my head and re-focus my life. The idea was simply to get out of my usual environment to breathe different air and to hear different voices.

To eat at different restaurants also may have been a factor.


Back in a week or so. I’m off exploring.

This morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas….

Hurray for Captain Spaulding!

Celebrity Time Travelers

I know nothing about Ard Gelinck except that he lives in the Netherlands and he creates these wonderful collages of well-known people at various stages of their lives.

Read the images any way you want. Is Gelinck just showing the inevitable results of time and gravity and living, or is he illustrating the fantasy of being able to go back in time and teach your younger self all the life lessons you’ve learned over the years?

He’s charitable in his selection of subjects. There are no Dorian Greys in his gallery. Gelinck avoids the easy but cruel choice of pairing a picture of, say, the young Jan Michael Vincent with a contemporary photo, for instance.

I found these images on Bored Panda, where you can find many more.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp



Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks



George Michael

George Michael

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot — Trailer

With that title, you know you want to see it.

Clint Eastwood Sam Elliott plays “Calvin Barr”, the man who killed Hitler, as I’m sure you remember unless you were absent the day it was covered in history class. The younger version of the character, the Hitler-killer, is played by Aidan Turner, from Poldark.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

“Since WWII, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the US government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Bigfoot has been living deep in the Canadian wilderness and carrying a deadly plague that is now threatening to spread to the general population. Relying on the same skills that he honed during the war, Calvin must set out to save the free world yet again.”

I don’t want to give anything away, but there might be a minor spoiler in the movie’s title.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot arrives in theatres and as VOD on 8 February 2019.