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Adam Rippon + Joni Mitchell + Ben Platt = Serene Beauty in an Ugly Time

Olympian  Adam Rippon turned 30 on Monday, and flipped the usual tradition on its head by giving a present to everyone else. You don’t get to be “America’s Sweetheart”, as he once described himself, without occasionally doing something really wonderful.

“Today is my 30th birthday. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Thank you for always sending love and positive energy my way. I hope I’m always able to do the same for you.”

He skated to a cover version of “River”, by Joni Mitchell, one of the indisputably greatest singer-songwriters of the 20th century.  The song’s lyrics made it a perfect choice.

This version of “River” was sung by Ben Platt, Evan Hansen himself, who won the Tony and pretty much every other Best Actor in a Musical award, for his 2017 performance in Dear Evan Hansen.

So there it is. No theatrics, no dazzle, just a simple little performance bringing together the works of three masters of their arts to create something beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell

A few years back, when The Telegraph named The 60 Greatest Female Singer-Songwriters of All Time, Joni Mitchell’s name was at the top of the list. While lists like that are largely meaningless, being, as they are, primarily designed to create controversy and boost readership, it’s hard to argue against that ranking.

Most people first heard of Joni Mitchell when she released “Both Sides Now,” which came out almost 50 years ago.

Joni Mitchell is 73 today. As Sandy Denny—another great singer-songwriter—wrote, “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?”

Joni Mitchell reflects on that in “Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody.”

Here she is, live in London in 1983, singing “Song For Sharon”:

On Wednesday, when this vile election is finally over, I plan to spend the entire day listening to her music, in an attempt to clear my palate after living in an environment polluted by a certain repulsive, short-fingered vulgarian.