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50 Years Later, There’s a New Print of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And It’s Drop-Dead Gorgeous.

This MUST be watched in full screen!

Thanks to Christopher Nolan, there’s a new 70mm print of Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Nolan saw the film as a child in London, and, like many people, never got over the experience. in a good way.

After the success of Dunkirk last year, he spent months overseeing the project to create the new print. He emphasizes that it’s not a restoration:

“For the first time since the original release, this 70mm print was struck from new printing elements made from the original camera negative. This is a true photochemical film recreation. There are no digital tricks, remastered effects, or revisionist edits. This is the unrestored film – that recreates the cinematic event that audiences experienced fifty years ago.”

2001: A Space Odyssey opens on 18 May 2018, for limited runs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, with more cities to follow. You can find ticket and engagement information at the 2001: A Space Odyssey website.

(Speaking of engagements, there’s no word yet on whether the 18 May release date will lead to a postponement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, which is scheduled for the next day in Windsor. What a dilemma for those poor guests!)

The recreated edition will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this fall, but you really want to see this on a big screen with big sound.

Here’s the original trailer for the 1968 release of 2001: A Space Odyssey:

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”


“Every Wes Anderson Movie”

I’m immune to the whimsical charms of director Wes Anderson. His movies make me itchy, and I’ve never seen one without wishing I’d spent the time on something more productive and entertaining, like defrosting the freezer or finding out what Ivanka Trump is up to these days.

Anticipating this weekend’s release of Isle of Dogs, Anderson’s latest voyage to the Land of Twee, the people behind the Screen Junkies YouTube channel have posted one of their “Honest Trailers” videos.  Instead of simply promoting the new feature, this trailer covers the entire Anderson oeuvre.

Look on his Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Return to Haversham Manor

“She’s Having One of Her Episodes.”

What better way to complement an afternoon at Downton Abbey than by spending an evening at another British stately home? I headed to the Lyceum Theatre on 45th Street, where the Cornley University Drama Society was presenting the classic thriller, The Murder at Haversham Manor.

Well, not really. What I actually saw was The Play That Goes Wrong, a British farce about the disaster-plagued production of a ridiculous murder mystery by a hopelessly inept cast and crew. The title says it all.

It won Best New Comedy at the 2015 Laurence Olivier Awards, and has since become the longest-running play currently on Broadway. Both the London and New York productions are still going strong, with no end in sight. In addition, The Play etc. has been licensed for production in more than 20 countries. A US tour will kick off with a five-week stop in Los Angeles later this year.

What I’m hinting at, in my subtle, understated way, is that this sweet show is a huge hit. It’s also very, very funny.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of the mayhem, here’s a link to the 10-minute excerpt from The Play That Goes Wrong that convulsed the audience at the Royal Variety Show a few years back.

All photos are from the play’s website, except for the picture of that beautiful, trendy baseball cap. That’s one’s mine.

Ready Player One – “The Final Trailer”

Ready Player One opens at the end of this month, and this video was posted as “The Final Trailer”. It seems to be a fusion of two trailers, and it doesn’t appear to be an official Warner Brothers release, but it has some exciting content.

Maybe it’s just because I’m giddy about the return of the Thin White Duke these days, but doesn’t the Parzival avatar look Bowie-esque?

Here’s what I wrote after the first trailer was screened at Comic-Con last summer.

And here’s yet another trailer, this one titled “Official Trailer #5”, aka “The Clark Kent Trailer”:

David Bowie is…in Brooklyn

Big News

I’ve been waiting for this for five years.

“David Bowie is”, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s magnificent exhibition chronicling the life of Ziggy Stardust, has returned to North America. It opened at the Brooklyn Museum last Friday, and will run through 15 July 2018.

I’ve already got my ticket.

I saw “David Bowie is” in 2013, in Toronto, the first stop of what was to be a five-year, five-continent, 10-city tour. It ran at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and it was possibly the most brilliantly staged museum exhibition I’d ever seen.

It was worthy of Bowie.

Here’s what I wrote at the time.

“Downton Abbey: The Touring Exhibition” — Now at a New Low Price

Wanna visit Downton Abbey: The Touring Exhibition in New York, but can’t afford the $35 admission? The Crawley family has a deal for you!

As you probably know, Downton Abbey is perpetually in danger of being sold to satisfy the creditors of the gullible and financially incompetent Earl of Grantham, who falls for the machinations of card sharks and Ponzi schemers with clock-like regularity. (On a recent trip to New York, he stumbled across a three-card Monte set-up in Times Square. The dealer now owns Downton’s East Wing.)

But Downton’s loss can be your gain! Even though the Crawleys are loath to admit commoners ne’er-do-wells poor white trash those awful people the general public to Downton’s hallowed halls, money is money, and needs must.

Travelzoo to the rescue! The site is offering tickets to the exhibition for $20, and the offer is good for the rest of the show, which is now scheduled to close on 2 April 2018. (No word yet on where it will turn up next.)

The Earl of Grantham—his given name is “Robert”, but grifters around the world call him “Mark”—will appreciate your patronage, particularly now, since he’s lent his daughters’ dowries to a former Nigerian Treasury official, and the rascal seems to have dropped out of sight.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from the exhibition.

Hereditary — Official Trailer

Here’s the creepy official trailer for Hereditary, one of the most talked-about movies to come out of this year’s Sundance Festival.

With a trailer that intense and unsettling, Hereditary is yet another movie that I won’t see until I can watch it at home, with all the lights on and the remote firmly grasped in my right hand, ready to pause or mute anything that seems too scary. You may laugh at my precautions, but they got me through Krampus without lasting trauma. And in under three hours, too!

Spoilers for Hereditary are very hard to come by, not that I’d post them anyway. The early reviews are across-the-board raves—the Tomatometer is at 100%. with a “Want to See” of 99%. The Rotten Tomato score and the reaction to the Sundance screening are almost identical to that of another little horror movie, from 2017: Get Out.

The film stars the great Toni Collette, in what some are calling a career-best performance, and Gabriel Byrne, who’s always good.

The US release date is 8 June 2018.