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Game of Thrones Season 7 — Official Trailer

And once again, I’m reduced to quivering fanboy status, unable to come up with anything more insightful than “Oooooh! Oooooh! Oooooh!” I feel the same way I did when Breaking Bad reached those final two seasons: I couldn’t wait to see the next episode, but at the same time, I dreaded the approach of the end of a masterpiece.

I’m not the only one feeling ambiguous about the completion of Game of Thrones. Word is that George R. R. Martin, always eager for an excuse to avoid finishing the Song of Ice and Fire book series on which the show is based, is working with HBO on four or five possible Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Better Call Littlefinger, anybody?

Brilliant trailer, btw, but of course it is.

The penultimate series of Game of Thrones will air in the US on 16 July 2017, with a simultaneous screening in the UK, where it will be 2 AM on the 17th.

Blade Runner 2049 — Official Trailer

It was posted today, and the fanboys went crazy.

We’ve seen teasers for the movie, but this is the first full trailer. If you’re a fanatical—Bladie? Blader? Runnerite? Whatever those people call themselves—you can already find a clutch of videos featuring second-by-second analyses of this trailer on the Web, and enough resultant theories and speculations to keep you busy until the film opens.

Which, btw, won’t be until 6 October 2017.

Here’s a sample of the online user critiques I mentioned. This degree of involvement is what makes a fanboy a fanboy, and proud of it.

American Gods — First Reviews

The first reviews for American Gods are in, and they’re raves. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 94%. and this review from Deadline Hollywood is pretty typical:

The first eight episodes of American Gods will play on Starz, beginning on 30 April 2017.

With my 80s obsession, you don’t really think I’d pass up a chance to post the great 80s song that’s referenced in that review, do you?

As if.

Here’s “Under The Milky Way”, by The Church:

Suspect I might have posted the review simply as an excuse to boost a great 80s song?


Dean — First Trailer

Dean, which is Demetri Martin’s directorial début, won the prize for Best Narrative Feature at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s described as

“A comedy about loss, grief and the redemptive power of love. A freelance illustrator in New York suffers a quarter-life crisis and leaves his home for the west coast.”

Starring, in addition to Demetri Martin himself, are Mary Steenburgen, Kevin Kline, and Reid Scott.

And most significantly, one of the co-producers is Allison Rose Carter, who just happens to be my favourite East Coast niece.

The film’s release date is 2 June 2017.

“New” Artwork for Alien:  Covenant

Uh, Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell”, anybody? Clearly not just a coincidence, but as somebody once said, “It’s not a theft, it’s an homage.”

Rodin's "The Gates of Hell"

Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell”

Details from Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell”

I’m just going to sneak this apology in here, where no one will see it.

Sorry for the premature praise for Ghost in the Shell. I guess the moral is “Never judge a movie by its trailer.”

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — Official Trailer

NSFW: Language, violence, and language. Especially language. Definitely language.

The cast looks great: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Peter Dinklage,  John Hawkes, and Zeljko Ivanek always deliver the goods. But for me, the big selling point is that Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was written and directed by Martin McDonagh, the genius who gave us the classic In Bruges. Expect violence, profanity, and a great helping of the darkest of black comedy.

Release date not yet posted.


Here’s McDonagh 27-minute first film, Six Shooter. In 2006, it won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

It’s also very NSFW.

If the accents are too rich, click the CC button for subtitles.

Very Early Early Man Teaser Trailer

This one’s a long way off—it won’t be released until 2018.

But Early Man is from Aardman, the people responsible for Chicken Run and the adventures of Wallace and Gromit, and the voice actors include Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, and Richard Ayoade, so here it is.

It’s good to have something with grace and charm to look forward to during the current unpleasantness.