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Fiola Mare — Lunch on 20 January 2015

2015 Winter Restaurant Week, Day 2

Fabio Trabocchi’s Italian seafood restaurant, Fiola Mare, opened about a year ago on the Georgetown waterfront in a complex of restaurants, offices, and up-scale condominiums called Washington Harbour.   I’ve never been sure about the “Harbour” part—the only boats that dock on the Georgetown waterfront are the cruise ships that take tourists a few miles up and down the Potomac.

Fiola Mare is hot.  The Washingtonian ranked it as Number 4 on the 2015 “100 Very Best Restaurants” list.  It’s a beautifully designed large room—140 seats—w/a great view of the Kennedy Center and of Virginia, across the river.  Both the food and service validated the Washingtonian’s high ranking.

The English translation for “Fiola Mare” is “Daughter of the Sea.”

Fiola Mare

Fiola Mare

Fiola Mare Trout


Citrus Cured Ocean Trout.  That’s arugula again, which topped yesterday’s Pork Loin main at Poste.  Looks like kale, unavoidable a couple of years ago, has been replaced as the default green.  The pesto was made w/basil Genovese, which, I’ve discovered, is generally considered the best basil for pesto.

Fiola Mare Bass


Olive Oil Poached Local Rockfish. on a bed of quinoa and red peppers marinati.

Fiola Mare Dessert


Marchesi Chocolate Terrine.   Pasticceria Marchesi is a Milanese shop known for its pastries and chocolates since the 19th century.   Prada recently bought an 80% share of the company.  This dessert, w/pistachio mousse and mint, was perfection.

So the food and service were great.  My one complaint:   The charge for my 8-ounce Diet Coke was $5.  I know that restaurants mark up wine by 200 – 400 percent, but a 1000+ percent mark up on soft drinks seems excessive.

Georgetown Waterfront, outside Fiola Mare