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2017 Cookery Project — “Tzimmes” Chicken with Apricots, Prunes, and Carrots

“Tzimmes” Chicken with Apricots, Prunes, and Carrots

“Tzimmes” Chicken with Apricots, Prunes, and Carrots

Epicurious had an interesting-looking recipe for Tzimmes, a traditional stew served at Passover meals, when it’s customary to eat honey-flavored dishes. I decided to give it a try.

The defining elements of tzimmes, besides the honey, are carrots and dried fruits, in this case, prunes and apricots. The recipe I used also included red onion wedges, lots of whole, peeled garlic cloves, 20 sprigs of thyme, fresh lemon juice, white wine, olive oil, and ground cinnamon, ground cumin, and cayenne pepper.

And chicken.

I didn’t have a bowl large enough to hold all the ingredients during marination, so I had to marinate the chicken separately, and when it came time to bake the tzimmes, the combined components filled two large baking trays.

The results were a knockout. This one made me v happy.

I’ve decided to start rating these experiments on a five-star scale, The boldface entry is my evaluation of the current dish.

★ Disaster. Inedible. Poisoned the cat.
★★ OK, but once is enough.
★★★ Mixed results. Something went wrong, but might try this again.
★★★★ Good, but lacks that special something.
★★★★★ Excellent. Goes into my “This is a winner” file.