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The Good Place Returns, Not a Minute Too Soon


As of this week, the first two seasons of The Good Place are streaming on Netflix. This is one show that must be seen from the start. You have time. The third series premiere is on Thursday, 27 September, so you can easily binge the backlog by then.

The Good Place, the funniest, smartest, most original American sitcom since the first three seasons of Arrested Development, will be back with new episodes later this month. Kristen Bell plays Eleanor Shellstrop, who discovers, post mortem, that she’s wound up in The Good Place, even though she clearly doesn’t belong there. Ted Danson gives what might be the best performance of his v long career as Michael, the architect of The Good Place.

In the first episode, he tells Eleanor that most religions only got things about 5 percent right in describing the afterlife. But then there was Doug Forcett.

And here, Michael explains how people make it into The Good Place:

Even Better

The supporting cast—D’Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, and William Jackson Harper—are all just about perfect.

I mean, what the fork are you waiting for?


Fargo — Series 2 Trailer

The TV series Fargo was one of the happiest surprises on television last year.  Even those rare people who didn’t think the original movie was the Best Thing Ever—and I”m one of them—got caught up sly writing and in the first-rate performances of all three lead characters.  It wasn’t great television—the plot was incoherent and illogical, no matter how willing you were to suspend disbelief—but it was a hugely enjoyable way to spend Tuesday evenings in the Spring of 2014.

FX will screen another series of Fargo starting in October 2015.  This one is a prequel, set in 1979, and it looks as loopy and lovable as the first series.  The cast includes Ted Danson, Jean Smart, Kirsten Dunst, Kieran Culkin, and Jesse Plemons (“Todd” from Breaking Bad, where fans referred to him as “Meth Damon.”)