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Light Show at San Francisco City Hall

The City Hall Building in my favourite American city celebrated its 100th birthday last night, in a way that reflected the creativity and excitement of San Francisco itself.  Wish I’d been there, but then I wish that everyday.

Update:   I’ve found a sharper video than the one I posted earlier.  This one was shot by someone named Ali D.  The intense part of the show starts around the six-minute mark, but watch it from the beginning to see the aerial ballet and some beautiful projections.

And here are some stills:

Photo from the San Francisco City Hall Centennial Celebration

Photo from the San Francisco City Hall Centennial Celebration

Photo from the San Francisco City Hall Centennial Celebration

Photo from the San Francisco City Hall Centennial Celebration

Photo by Leah Millis, The San Francisco Chronicle

Photo by Leah Millis, The San Francisco Chronicle


The Gaudi Submarine Room

For years, I’ve been planning to upgrade my bathroom, which needs a serious makeover.  I get as far as browsing the net for fixtures and tiling, but when it comes time to start interviewing contractors, inertia sets in, and I put the whole thing off for another few months.

But now I’m inspired.

The Gaudi Submarine Room

The Gaudi Submarine Room

This is the Gaudi Submarine Room in a San Francisco private residence called Granny’s Empire of Art, which is a living communal art project.   The “owner/founder/curator” is a lady named Jaina Bee, who seems quite wonderful, from the interviews I’ve read.  The photos are by Anthony Lindsey, and come from her web site, where you can see much more of her incredible house.

For a few years, there was a reality show called “Four Houses,” which ran for six episodes each summer on TLC, a basic cable channel that I no longer watch, because I’m afraid of catching something.  In the series, four people visited each other’s houses, and rated them based on livability, creativity, etc.  The house with the highest cumulative rating won.  There was a good mix of styles:  Traditional, money-but-no-taste, wall-to-wall beige, Architectural Digest camera ready, and, always, an interesting place like this.  That last one was usually my favourite.

Golden Hind — Lunch on 2 April 2015

My first meal in London was a traditional lamb pie and chips lunch at a classic British pub.  I wanted my last full meal to be another classic:   Fish and chips.  And I wasn’t just looking for the English equivalent of Long John Silver’s.

I really researched this one, and finally decided on the 100-year-old Golden Hind, in Marylebone, which Travel + Leisure, Zagat’s, and London Time Out all ranked as one of the five best fish and chips restaurants in the city.

Golden Hind

The Golden Hind.  I guess the “D” is silent.

The Golden Hind, named after the galleon that circumnavigated the globe under Sir Francis Drake, opened in 1914, the first year of the Great War.  I thought about that as I chatted w/the helpful, friendly young German couple at the next table.  A century ago, our great-greats might have been trying to kill each other.

Golden Hind Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

So how was it?   The chips were just OK.   The fish part of the F&C was the best I’ve ever had.   The fish was just-out-of-the-water fresh, and the outside stayed crunchy to the end, which was key for me, because I hate it if the coating gets soggy before I can eat it.

The Golden Hind lives up to its ratings.

Now that I’m writing this, I’m hungry for F&C.   When I was living in San Francisco, I was a regular at an inexpensive little restaurant in North Beach, called Edna’s Fish & Chips.  It closed long ago, but I still have fond memories of Edna and her food.  And I miss another of my favourites, Piccadilly Fish & Chips, which I see is still open on Polk Street.  It occurs to me that I’ve never found a place that serves really great F&C here in Washington.

That may be reason enough to move.


HYBYCOZO is the Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone, a project by San Francisco-based artists Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu.   It debuted at the 2014 Burning Man Festival, and has since been installed at the Exploratorium, in San Francisco, and at several music festivals and other event.

 “HYBYCOZO is made of 3 polyhedrons – complex 3D shapes, or very simple 4D shapes depending on how you look at them. Each is made of between 12-20 steel panels laser cut with intricate mathematical and scientific patterns.”
—from the web site

All images are from their web site or Facebook pages.






Picture of the Day


Found on the Net

Found on the Net.  The picture appears to have been taken at the Outside Lands festival of music, food, and art, in 2013.  The festival is held annually in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Here are the musical acts scheduled to perform at this year’s festival, which will run from 8 – 10 August 2014:


Unfortunately, it’s already sold out.