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MTV’s The Real World: San Francisco House Is on the Market

When I heard that the house that was the setting for The Real World: San Francisco was on the market, three things surprised me:

  1. It’s been 23 years since that third series of MTV’s Real World franchise was televised. Season Three was undoubtedly The Real World’s high point, focusing as it did on the tragic, charismatic Pedro Zamora, the 22-year-old AIDS educator who died a few hours after the last show of the series was televised. MTV gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for the coarsening and dumbing down of the culture, but there have been times when it redeemed itself, and this was one of them.
  2. I had no idea that The Real World is still on the air. I’m well out of the demo and haven’t watched MTV for years, so I was unaware that the network has been cranking out its saga of drunken bad behavior, narcissistic fame whoring, and pixelated nudity for 32 seasons. That means the children of the earlier cast members are now old enough to be on the show.
  3. The asking price for the RW house, at 953 Lombard Street on Russian Hill, is $5,800,000. It was originally listed at $7,999,995 in May, dropped to $6,999,000 this month, and dropped again a few days ago. If you’re interested, you can view the listing, with pictures, at realtor.com.

The Shannara Chronicles on MTV

I’m still working my way through viewing the British holiday TV bonanza, but new stuff keeps creeping up on me.   Last night saw the return of  the sparkling campfest that was Galavant.   Tomorrow brings MTV’s swords and sorcery epic, The Shannara Chronicles, a 10-episode series is based on the works of Terry Brooks.

It looks…pretty terrible.  And it sounds even worse.  That dialogue!  Did they miss one single cliché?

“The world outside is dangerous.”  

“Only an idiot would travel these woods alone.”

 “As long as it lives, the demons are locked up for all eternity.”  

This is clearly no threat to Game of Thrones.

So I made up a list, like Walter White did, when he was deciding whether to kill Krazy-8 in S01E03 (“…And the Bag’s in the River”) of Breaking Bad.

Reasons to Watch The Shannara Chronicles

  • It’s based on the works of Terry Brooks, who, according to Wikipedia, has written 23 New York Times bestsellers and has over 21 million copies of his books in print.
  • John Rhys-Davies, who was in The Lord of the Rings movies, is in this series.
  • Austin Butler, the lead actor, is very, very pretty.

Reasons Not to Watch The Shannara Chronicles

  • The Left Behind books have outsold Terry Brooks’ fantasies three-to-one.  Quantity <> quality.
  • John Rhys-Davies, who has been in most of the mediocre dragons and daggers shows made in the last 30 years, is in this series.
  • If the trailer is a good indication, it’s full of cheesy settings and bad CGI.
  • Ridiculous dialog.  Absolutely ridiculous.
  • The actors are unlikely to get Emmy nominations for their work here, although they’ll probably show up as presenters on the MTV Movie Awards,
  • The Shannara Chronicles is on MTV.


Of course I’ll watch it!  For at least the first 20 minutes.

The Shannara Chronicles debuts on Tuesday, 5 January 2016, on MTV.

Note:   I posted an early teaser for this series last May.  The raw footage looked much more interesting than the finished product.  It also helped that that teaser contained little or no dialogue.

The Shannara Chronicles — Official First Look

Looks like MTV is getting into the Swords and Sorcery business.  This video was shown at Comic-Con 2015.

The Shannara Chronicles is a 10-episode series that’s set to screen in early 2016.  If it’s a hit, there’s plenty of material for more episodes; it’s based on an epic fantasy by Terry Brooks, who has published somewhere north of 30 (30!) novels in the series.  George R. R. Martin, please take note.

I haven’t read any of the 30+ books, lacking, as I do, both any great interest in epic fantasy novels and an attention span longer than seven minutes.  But I do love Game of Thrones (the TV series) and Lord of the Rings (the movies.)  I’ll have to find where MTV is on Comcast’s channel grid, because I’ll be checking this out.

BTW, “I remember when MTV played music videos.” = “I’m really old.”

Scream, The TV Series

Looks like the Ghostface Killer will be joining Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates in June, when MTV premieres a new TV series based on the Scream movies.  Wow!  Three TV series based on famous movie serial killers at the same time!  Is this a great country, or what?

The executive-producer of the new show is Jill Blotevogel, whose Harper’s Island was a guilty pleasure of mine during its 13-week run back in 2009.   Harper’s Island was a limited-run series about a serial killer who eliminates the members of an island wedding party, at the rate of one guest per week.  I figured out the identity of the SK in the first episode, but the show was a blast anyway.

Scream, the TV series?  Of course I’ll be watching it!