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John Lewis (and Waitrose) Christmas Ad for 2019

In the UK, the appearance of Christmas television ads from department stores and supermarket chains is a very big event, big enough so that the commercials themselves get extensive news coverage and analysis.

One of the most eagerly anticipated Christmas ads is the one for John Lewis, the department store chain. This year, John Lewis partnered with Waitrose Supermarkets to create an ad that features an excitable little dragon whose enthusiasm for the season sometimes, uh, misfires.

More 2017 British Christmas Ads

A while back I posted some of this year’s Christmas advertisements from the UK. Here are a few more:

Heathrow Airport



My Favourite British Christmas Ad Ever

John Lewis, a chain of British high-end department stores, consistently produces some of the most memorable Christmas ads. The 2017 John Lewis advertisement is at the above link.

Here’s the ad John Lewis from 2014, which I think is their all-time best: