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Rubens at the Royal Academy of Art

I decided to go to London for the first couple weeks of Spring because I wanted to see three museum shows that, for a v brief period, were running concurrently.  The Pérez Simón Collection at Leighton House Museum was to close at the end of March, about a week after the Alexander McQueen show at the V&A was to open.  The third exhibition, “Rubens and His Legacy,” at the Royal Academy of Art, would end a week later.

Rubens at the RAA

The Courtyard at the Royal Academy of Art

I wrote about my love for Rubens in my notes on visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna last Fall.  The show at the Royal Academy of Art displayed some of his masterpieces, and traced his influence on artists as diverse as Picasso and Rembrandt,  Delacroix and Constable.

tiger 1

Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt

“Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt” was the star of the show, for obvious reasons.

R and B

Pan and Syrinx

I didn’t know this existed!  It’s a collaboration between Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder! Brueghel painted the landscape and Rubens the figures.

I would never have made to connection:  Rubens, with his huge, epic paintings, and Brueghel, with his mastery of intimate detail.


The Garden of Love

The definition of “Rubenesque.”

I’ve mentioned my first overwhelming encounter with Rubens, when I experienced something close to Stendahl Syndrome in the Louvre, surrounded by the 24 paintings of his Marie de’ Medici Cycle.  The RAA had a video devoted to the de’ Medici paintings.

This video isn’t it, but it gives a nice overview: