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The Further Adventures of Florida Man Rabbit

A headline that starts with the words “Florida Man” is almost guaranteed to be followed by a trip down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole to a strange, exotic kingdom where the laws of logic and physics as we know them simply don’t exist. Things get curiouser and curiouser, as Alice herself once said.

So naturally, this happened in Orlando last weekend.

According to Click Orlando, “Apparently, the fight began when a man bumped into a woman and the duo began fighting. The video, posted by Instagram user Workfth, shows the Easter Bunny joining into the fight and throwing rabbit punches and haymakers.”

There were no arrests reported, this being Florida and all.

I’ve posted in the past about the Adventures of Florida Man and the Twitter account dedicated to immortalizing them.

Definitely worth revisiting.

“Ward, I’m Worried about the Bieber”

Best passage from today’s Pajiba posting  Justin Bieber Arrested for Being Justin Bieber:

“Anyway, this happened in Florida so who knows how this could go. They might execute him; they might make him president of Tampa. That place is a crapshoot. But, ultimately, at difficult times like this, we must think of the children.”

And a commenter later claimed he had a photo taken at the scene of the arrest:

Scene of the Arrest

Scene of the Arrest