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More Images from the Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo Experience

I’ve found more images from this year’s Carrières de Lumières program, which features the works of Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo.

Even these still photographs are awesome. Seeing them in motion, with a soundtrack that ranges from Carl Orff to Vivaldi to Led Zeppelin, must be amazing. There’s a brief video at the above link that will give you a hint of what visitors to the site will experience.

(All photos found on the Net.)

“The Fantastic and Wonderful World of Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo” is open now, and will run through 7 January 2018.


“The Fantastic and Wonderful World of Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo”

This year’s Carrières de Lumières program looks like a stunner. It’s called “The Fantastic and Wonderful World of Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo”, and it runs from 4 March 2017 to 7 January 2018.

Here’s a peek:

Carrières de Lumières is an immersive art and music installation which is staged in what used to be a quarry, in the French village Les Baux de Provence. The massive rock walls of the quarry form the backdrop for a son et lumière program that changes each year.

I’ve posted items about the 2014 Klimt and Vienna and the 2015 Chagall: Midsummer Night’s Dreams programs, and about how much I’d like to work for Culturespaces, the European company that designs and manages events like this for 13 monuments and museums, most of them in France. The only things that are standing in my way are my total lack of artistic talent and my residence on the wrong continent.

Complementing the son et lumière this summer are four monumental sculptures by Philip Haas, which will be on display in the Château des Baux-de-Provence from 23 May through 30 September. The sculptures of the giant heads are inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “The Four Seasons” paintings.

“Oh, to be in Provence, Now that Summer’s there”
—Close, but not quite by Robert Browning

Chagall: Midsummer Night’s Dreams

This one
I’ve posted before about Les Carrières de Lumières,  the former quarry in Baux-de-Provence, France, that has been transformed into a unique art space.  Culturespaces, the European company that creates installations for museums and historic sites, has been developing “art and music immersive experiences” there since 2012.

This year’s installation is called Chagall:  Midsummer Night’s Dreams.  It will run through 8 January 2017.

Here are some images, all found on the Web, from the site:


Here’s my posting about Les Carrières de Lumières from 2014,  when the subject was Klimt and Vienna.

Grands Jeux Romains 2015

Another happening from Culturespaces, the European company that manages and creates special programs for museums and historic sites.  This time, it’s a simulated gladiatorial game, w/an assassination or two thrown in for good measure.

The Games take place in an authentic Roman amphitheatre in Nîmes, France.  The original amphitheatre was built around 70 AD, and remodelled in 1863 to serve as a bullring.   It’s still in use for two annual bullfights and other public events.

Grands Jeux Romains 2015 will take place on 2 – 3 May 2015.

I’m still waiting for a job offer; I’d love to work for these people.

Culturespaces 2015

Culturespaces, the organization that manages a number of European monuments, museums, and historic sites, has released a preview of some of its 2015 programs.

I posted an item last year about their Klimt and Vienna installation in Provence,  View the video below in full screen, and prepare to be dazzled.

I’m in awe of this kind of thing.  I wonder if they hire Americans.

Klimt and Vienna — Carrières de Lumières

Klimt and Vienna

Klimt and Vienna

I’d love to visit this.

As I understand it, Carrières de Lumières is an old limestone quarry in Les Baux-de-Provence that has been turned into an exhibition space managed by a company called Culturespaces, which operates art installations across Europe.

The current show, running through 2014, is called “Klimt And Vienna, A Century of Gold and Colours”.  Visitors walk through the former quarry, where the walls and floors are illuminated with massive digital images.   It’s an immersive son et lumière.
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Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?