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A New Prequel to Blade Runner 2049

Nexus: 2036 is the first of three short prequels to be released in advance of the début of Blade Runner 2049. The shorts will focus on events that shape the world of 2049.

The original 1982 Blade Runner was set in the imagined, neo-noir Los Angeles of 2019. The new film jumps 30 years into the future. In this version, you could say that Ryan Gosling* plays the Harrison Ford part, except that Harrison Ford himself is in the movie, recreating his original role.

Blade Runner 2049 is scheduled to be released in the US and the UK on 6 October 2017.

*An aside: I do not get Ryan Gosling. I’ve never found him anything but bland, uninteresting, and forgettable. Jordan Catalano Jared Leto, on the other hand, is almost always fascinating, even when he’s working with negligible material.

And he apparently decided to stop aging right after the final episode of My So-Called Life.


Blade Runner 2049 — Official Trailer

It was posted today, and the fanboys went crazy.

We’ve seen teasers for the movie, but this is the first full trailer. If you’re a fanatical—Bladie? Blader? Runnerite? Whatever those people call themselves—you can already find a clutch of videos featuring second-by-second analyses of this trailer on the Web, and enough resultant theories and speculations to keep you busy until the film opens.

Which, btw, won’t be until 6 October 2017.

Here’s a sample of the online user critiques I mentioned. This degree of involvement is what makes a fanboy a fanboy, and proud of it.