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2017 Cookery Project — Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

According to Julia Child’s classic recipe, it takes about six hours to make Beef Bourguignon.

The recipe I used, from a cheery little website called The Café Sucre Farine, said I should “Plan about four hours from start to finish to prepare this Beef Bourguignon, with about one hour of hands-on time.”

I wanted Beef Bourguignon for lunch on Friday. The plan was to have everything—except the peas, which would be added just before serving—done the night before. So with that “four hours” estimate in mind, I started cooking just before 8PM….

I was finally able to refrigerate the plastic container I used to store the almost-finished dish at around 1:45 Friday morning, Clean-up would have to wait until later. Much later.

There’s a happy ending to this one, though. The Beef Bourguignon was literally the best I’ve ever tasted. Everything blended perfectly. Sure, I gave up an evening of re-watching Riverdale episodes and playing Gummy Drop, but it was worth it!

And, just as expected, it tasted even better the second day.

My rating. The boldface entry is my evaluation of the current dish.

★ Disaster. Inedible. Poisoned the cat.
★★ OK, but once is enough.
★★★ Mixed results. Something went wrong, but might try this again.
★★★★ Good, but lacks that special something.
★★★★★ Excellent. Goes into my “This is a winner” file.