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Lamb — Food of the Gods

I’ve posted in the past about the wonderful ads used to promote Australian beef and lamb. Like this most recent one, they’re often controversial—vegans, in particular, seem to object to them, for some reason—but always brilliant.

Here’s one from last year:

You can see two more at the above link.


Pond — “Sweep Me Off My Feet”

Loving “Sweep Me Off My Feet”, the new release from Pond’s upcoming album, The Weather. The video mixes runny mascara with Jesus, androgyny, and the happy, happy people from corporate stock footage.

Membership in Pond is famously fluid; Pond and Tame Impala routinely share and trade players.

According to Pond’s Nicholas Allbrook, The Weather is a concept album,

“…not completely about Perth, but focusing on all the weird contradictory things that make up a lot of colonial cities around the world. Laying out all the dark things underneath the shimmering exterior of cranes, development, money and white privilege. It’s not our place, but it is our place. British, but Australian, but not REAL Australian. On the edge of the world with a hell of a lot of fucked things defining our little city, still we try and live a wholesome respectful life, while being inherently disrespectful. At the end of all this confusion in our weird little white antipodean world, there’s the beach, purity and nature that brings us all together”.

[Thanks, Nicholas. That answers all my questions.]

The Weather will be released on 5 May 2017.

Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day, the official National Day of Australia, is celebrated on 26 January, which marks the arrival of the British First Fleet in 1788. Late January is high summer in Australia, so what better way to celebrate than by throwing some shrimp lamb on the barbie?

WAMMCO* observes the holiday by running a marketing television campaign for Australian lamb. In 2016, it was about Operation Boomerang, a “mission to save Australians abroad from going without the essential lamb barbecue on Australia Day.”

The ad attracted some criticism, because what doesn’t? Vegetarians didn’t like it, and some indigenous Australians and their supporters are opposed to the very link between Australia Day and the landing of the fleet. They call it “Invasion Day” instead.

So this year, WAMMCO bent over backwards to come up with a more inclusive ad:

*Full name: The Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Limited. It’s usually called simply WAMMCO because by the time you can say “The Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Limited,” your lamb will be stone cold.

Vivid Sydney 2016

Another Vivid Sydney Festival has come and gone.  Here’s a highlight reel from the annual event.

Being, as I am, easily distracted by shiny objects, I love this sort of thing!

Here are some of the images that were projected on the Sydney Opera House during the festival.  All photos were found on the Web.

Troye Sivan. Good Music, and a Brave New World

Troye Sivan is an immensely talented 20-year-old Australian singer/songwriter, actor, and New Media star (2.7 million Instagram followers, 3 million Twitter followers, and a YouTube channel with 208 million views).

When he was 18, he came out as gay to his 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, who were, as is usually the case these days, overwhelmingly supportive.

Last year, he released an EP called TRXYE, which included a haunting single called “Happy Little Pill”.  It has 19 million (and counting) YouTube views.

This September, he released another EP, this one called WILD.  Sales have been good, the reviews have been uniformly excellent, and he’s gotten a big boost from a surprising source:

Three of the six songs on the EP trace the relationship between two boys, which evolves from friendship into something more.  Here’s “Fools”, the middle song of the “Blue Neighborhood” triad.

Troye Sivan is about to start an eight-city US tour.  It sold out in under 30 minutes.

When I encounter something like this, it gives me mixed feelings.  On the one hand, it’s great to see a young artist who is free to be himself, and to live at a time when he needn’t repress his identity to succeed.

On the other, it makes me angry that it’s taken so long to get to that point.

Not for the first time, I’m confronted with the sad truth that I was born much too early.  The 21st Century is infinitely richer and more interesting than the 20th, which seems more primitive and repressive with each passing day.  From the Internet to the increase in cultural diversity to the decline of organized religion to the explosion of new media to the still-not-fast-enough fading of racism, sexism, and homophobia, to, even, the foodie revolution, it’s like Émile Coué was right after all:  “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

Things are just getting good, and I won’t be around to see how they turn out!

To paraphrase William Wordsworth,

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was would be very heaven!”