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701 Restaurant — Lunch on 15 June 2018

The 701 Restaurant, named for its address at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, is one of my can’t-go-wrong dining spots in Washington. As I’ve recounted to friends—more often than absolutely necessary, they tell me—the first time I ate there, Éric Ripert was at the next table, which made me confident that no server at 701 would ever ask me if I wanted fries with that.

The restaurant is doing a month-long lunch promotion in June, celebrating peak season for fruit. Last week, it was all about peaches.

Grilled Georgia Peach

Grilled Georgia Peach

My starter was this Grilled Georgia Peach salad, with ricotta, arugula, and spiced pecans.

Duck à la Peche

Duck a la Peche

For me, when it comes to Duck Confit these days, resistance is futile. If it’s on the menu, nothing else stands a chance of winding up on my plate.

The grain at the base is farrotto, which has been described as a more robust cousin of risotto. And the peaches were roasted.



The meal was…a little disappointing. I guess even the best places can-go-wrong occasionally. It wasn’t a bad meal, and the service was superb, but it just wasn’t up too 701’s usual very high standards. The peaches weren’t quite ripe enough, and the portions were small.

Next time, I think I’ll stick to the regular menu.