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The Ultimate Chase Scene

This is a promo for 4k Videos and Ultra HD Content.

It makes most movie chase scenes look about as exciting as a third grade game of musical chairs.

Plus, the parkour boy is seriously hot.

Click it, go to full screen, sit back, and prepare to be amazed.


The Circus Comes to Town

Every year, the Smithsonian holds a Folklife Festival on the Mall in Washington during the last week in June and the first week in July. This year was special, because 2017 marks the Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s 50th anniversary.

Most of the recent festivals have followed a similar format, celebrating a US state or region, a foreign culture or area, and/or a traditional occupation. In 2016, for instance, the two main themes were “Basque: Innovation by Culture” and “Sounds of California.”

This year’s festival was easily the most fascinating and entertaining I’ve ever visited, because the main attraction was a tribute to…Circus Arts!

And it was wonderful!

One of the displays was this classic Circus Wagon.

You could watch close-up performances by clowns and jugglers…

…and not-so-close-up performances by acrobats and trapeze artists.

In addition to the open-air displays, the festival included full performances in its own Big Top, and in one of the Smithsonian buildings. But for me, the best part was the panel discussions featuring circus people talking about their careers and training and lives in the circus. Heard some awesome stories during my two visits to the festival.

Because I Haven’t Posted Any Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy Stuff Recently

Being in Madrid reminded me of a video I’d seen about a year ago.

As part of a promotion for ROC headphones, a heavily disguised Cristiano Ronaldo wandered into the Plaza del Callao in central Madrid and started messing around with a soccer ball. He went undetected for about an hour.

Then he unmasked.

The Biggest Winner: Little Nicolás, who will be telling stories about this for the rest of the 21st century.

The Biggest Loser: The girl who turned CR down when he asked for her phone number, who will be kicking herself for about the same length of time.

…While Tom Daley Is Almost as Good a Shark as He Is a Diver

From Tom Daley:   “Ahead of the start of UK Shark Week (2-8 August), the experts at SeaWorld challenged me to transform myself into one of the ocean’s top predators and most misunderstood creatures.  I wanted to raise awareness of the threats sharks are facing in the wild.  Watch this video for an exclusive peek behind the scenes on the shoot!”