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The Ultimate Chase Scene

This is a promo for 4k Videos and Ultra HD Content.

It makes most movie chase scenes look about as exciting as a third grade game of musical chairs.

Plus, the parkour boy is seriously hot.

Click it, go to full screen, sit back, and prepare to be amazed.


Cute Video of the Day, 7 October 2017 — “They Do It with Mirrors”

I suppose the video itself could better be described as “clever” than “cute,” but it merits a place here because both those adjectives describe the video’s creator, Kevin Perry.

I like mirrors

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“Cute Video of the Day” is an occasional feature on this blog. It includes an alarming number of videos that show children falling down.

“The More You Look at This Picture, the More Anxious It Becomes.”

This Lovecraftian image showed up everywhere today, without any attribution that I’ve been able to locate. It was posted to Reddit under the above title,* and, Reddit being Reddit, the posting has already acquired enough analysis, speculation, and snarky commentary to keep you occupied all day.

The creepiness is in the details, and you really have to magnify the image to catch much of the weirdness. If you want to delve deeper, download the image and enbiggen it with your photo manager app, unless, of course, your computer has one of those magical “Enhance” keys that seem to exist only on TV police procedurals.

*Warning: When visiting an art gallery, don’t stare at the paintings. According to the Redditor who posted the image, it makes them nervous.

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”

Raw, in every sense of the word, footage from the fish market at Mercati di Rialto*

This being Venice, a large section of Mercati di Rialto is devoted to fish, and to the spectacular array of other things that live under water.

After my lunch at Trattoria Cherubino, where I sometimes had no idea what I was eating, I went back to the market to see if I could track down the dish’s more mysterious components. At least, that’s what I told myself. It was really just an excuse to get another look at these beautiful edibles.

For those playing along at home, here’s how to calculate the prices in US dollars:

Most of the items are sold by the kilo, and a kilo is the equivalent of 2.2 pounds. The posted prices are in euros, and at the current exchange rate, €1.00 is about $1.05. If you have difficulty with the math, just ask some school kids who are learning algebra to solve the problem. They’ll jump at the chance to show off.

*Speaking of showing off, the wobbly, unedited video at the top of this posting is my first attempt at adding live footage to the blog. More, and better examples to come.

Mercati di Rialto

Thanks to my brother’s timely intervention, I no longer had to worry that the only further dining I’d enjoy in Venice would depend on my ability to wrest popcorn away from the pigeons in Piazza San Marco, so I headed to Mercati di Rialto, the open-air food market near the Rialto Bridge.

I love old, independent markets. Given the choice between spending a morning at Barcelona’s Museu Picasso or its magnificent Boqueria market, which traces its history back 800 years, I’d instantly opt for the market. Lexington Market in Baltimore, Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Great Market Hall in Budapest—can’t get enough of them. I never went to the legendary Les Halles in Paris, since it was demolished before my time, but I’m nostalgic for it nonetheless. Nostalgic for an experience I never had.

This is another area where DC is lacking. We have the small Eastern Market, and the once-a-week Farmers’ Markets that pop up various places around town, but nothing comparable to the classics.

This is what we’re missing:

Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar, Another “Miracle on Seventh Street”

Last December, I posted an item about the “Miracle on Seventh Street,” a pop-up bar that, uh, pops up in Washington between Thanksgiving and New Years. The highlight of the 2016 version was a tribute to Stranger Things, decorated with a Ouija board wall and hundreds of those erratically strung Christmas lights that played such a key part on the show. And the highpoint of the tribute was a shrine to “Barb,” the break-out character from the series.  (Barb deserved better.)

Scenes from Christmas in the Upside Down

And Now There’s This

According to the National Park Service, Washington’s famous cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom between March 14 and 17, 2017, about three weeks earlier than usual.
So, as DCist put it:

“The Cherry Blossom PUB (pop up bar) will open March 1, taking over Southern Efficiency (1841 7th St. NW) and the Mockingbird Hill space (1843 7th St. NW) in Shaw. It’s the latest project from Drink Company and owner Derek Brown, who struck bartending gold in 2015 with the sparkly and whimsical Miracle on 7th Street holiday bar. The seasonal hotspot opened again in 2016 with triple the space (and a Stranger Things addition). Lines stretched up the block for weeks.”

And here it is:

All photos found on the Net.