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The Ultimate Chase Scene

This is a promo for 4k Videos and Ultra HD Content.

It makes most movie chase scenes look about as exciting as a third grade game of musical chairs.

Plus, the parkour boy is seriously hot.

Click it, go to full screen, sit back, and prepare to be amazed.


Better Than a Hoverboard!

Remember those hoverboards that Back to the Future promised we’d have by 21 October 2015?

Were you as exasperated as I was when 21 October 2015 came and went, without the slightest need for public service announcements warning kids to always wear a helmet when hovering? Once again, we’d been deceived by the powerful and secretive Media/Flying-Transportation Complex, just as earlier generations had been deceived when they were promised jet packs and flying cars, and taken in by those fake “1969 Moon Landing” movies that were filmed in a North Carolina studio.

We won’t get fooled again.

Because this time, it’s for real. Our wait is over.

Here’s how the game ball was delivered at Portugal’s Cup Final on Sunday:

When Amazon offers a pre-order option, I’ll be the first to sign up.

Game of Thrones Season 7 — Official Trailer

And once again, I’m reduced to quivering fanboy status, unable to come up with anything more insightful than “Oooooh! Oooooh! Oooooh!” I feel the same way I did when Breaking Bad reached those final two seasons: I couldn’t wait to see the next episode, but at the same time, I dreaded the approach of the end of a masterpiece.

I’m not the only one feeling ambiguous about the completion of Game of Thrones. Word is that George R. R. Martin, always eager for an excuse to avoid finishing the Song of Ice and Fire book series on which the show is based, is working with HBO on four or five possible Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Better Call Littlefinger, anybody?

Brilliant trailer, btw, but of course it is.

The penultimate series of Game of Thrones will begin airing in the US on 16 July 2017, with a simultaneous screening in the UK, where it will be 2 AM on the 17th.

Warning: Extreme (But Very Funny) Grossness

Oh, Yuck!

A 10-second video which might be titled “Hubris”, or “Just Hanging Out around the Pool, Thinking of Cool Things to Do.”

Filed under “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Is there any way this is not going to end up in a “Web Redemption” segment on Tosh.0?

I swear that thing came to life and jumped at him.


Masaya Nakamura, sometimes called “The Father of Pac-Man”, has died at 91. It was his company that introduced the world to Pac-Man way back in 1980.

If I had a nickel for every quarter I dropped into that console….

As the British comedian Marcus Brigstocke noted:

“Computer games don’t affect kids. I mean, if Pac Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music”.

Because I Haven’t Posted Any Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy Stuff Recently

Being in Madrid reminded me of a video I’d seen about a year ago.

As part of a promotion for ROC headphones, a heavily disguised Cristiano Ronaldo wandered into the Plaza del Callao in central Madrid and started messing around with a soccer ball. He went undetected for about an hour.

Then he unmasked.

The Biggest Winner: Little Nicolás, who will be telling stories about this for the rest of the 21st century.

The Biggest Loser: The girl who turned CR down when he asked for her phone number, who will be kicking herself for about the same length of time.