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Cute Videos of the Day, 15 March 2018 — “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”

Queen Elsa to the rescue.

“Elsa” is a 37-year-old lawyer named Jason Triplett, who was dressed appropriately for Boston’s “Frozen” winter weather earlier this week.

“Cute Video of the Day” is an occasional feature on this blog. It includes an alarming number of videos that show children falling down.


The Magicians — Off to a Good Start

On this season’s first episode of The Magicians, Elliot suddenly realizes that the Fairy Queen is magically using Margo’s missing right eye to spy on the Good Guys, and anticipate their moves. (Long story. Don’t worry about it, just watch the first two series, currently playing on Netflix.) To avoid revealing that he now knows he’s being constantly observed, he shares this insight through coded pop cultural allusions, which are helpfully subtitled for those of us playing along at home.

Warning: Possibly NSFW. The language is presidential.

It’s scenes like this one that make me love the show.

A Christmas Mystery

My Mother was always a Christmas person.

The Thanksgiving turkey was barely off the table before she began decorating for the big day. Over the years, she acquired a huge collection of Christmas ornaments, figurines, tablecloths, wreathes, throw pillows, and stockings.

One of the earliest decorations I can remember is this happy Christmas Mouse.

And then there was this simple crèche.

Here’s where the mystery comes in. Over the course of the holidays, someone—we could never figure out who—would repeatedly kidnap the Baby Jesus and substitute…

No matter how many times the infant was found and returned to his rightful place, by the next morning, that mouse would be back in the manger.

It’s a puzzle that has haunted me for years.

I can only suppose that it was a Christmas Miracle.

More 2017 British Christmas Ads

A while back I posted some of this year’s Christmas advertisements from the UK. Here are a few more:

Heathrow Airport



My Favourite British Christmas Ad Ever

John Lewis, a chain of British high-end department stores, consistently produces some of the most memorable Christmas ads. The 2017 John Lewis advertisement is at the above link.

Here’s the ad John Lewis from 2014, which I think is their all-time best: