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Time for My Fall Adventure, with a Minute of Pure Joy before I Go.

It’s that time of year again, and I’m off to see the Wizard. Postings will resume in the first week of December.

In the meantime, watch this toddler have what would be a high point of anyone’s life. Best viewed full screen.


Through the Looking Glass — Kevin Parry Dazzles, Again

Best watched fullscreen

I posted an earlier mind-bending video by the amazingly creative Kevin Parry last year.

Parry, who accurately identifies himself as a “Stop-Motion Animator + Video Wizard”, recently returned to his native Toronto after working on Laika Entertainment’s Kubo and the Two Strings and The Boxtrolls in Portland, Oregon.

He went the long way, traveling 5000 miles in three weeks. You can follow along with this video of the “Portland to Portland (Teleporting Across America)” tour, as he tries to get that one perfect tourist picture.

Doesn’t he seem like someone who would be fun to hang out with?

One final video:

What the Well-Dressed Manneken Pis Will Wear

Garderobe MannekenPis

A few blocks away from the famous Manneken Pis statue and fountain is a little one-room museum dedicated to the toddler’s extensive wardrobe. It contains about a hundred of the costumes that have been presented to Manneken Pis over the last three centuries.

What Started It All

This is a replica of the gentleman’s costume that King Louis XV sent to Brussels after French soldiers stationed in the city tried to steal the statue of Manneken Pis. The King also made Mannekin Pis a Knight of the Order of Saint Louis, which meant that French soldiers had to salute the statue when they paraded past the fountain.

I also found this video, which shows the statue in action, dressed in dozens of its colourful costumes.

Manneken Pis — The Great Symbol of Brussels

Manneken Pis in Action

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and New York has the Statue of Liberty. See any of these iconic images, and you instantly know what they symbolize, and where you are.

For the last 400 years, Brussels has had Manneken Pis, a two-foot-high sculpture of a naked little boy, urinating into a fountain.

The intersection where Manneken Pis lives is always crowded with tourists trying to capture the perfect shot of the Great Symbol of Brussels. Shops in the area sell everything from life-size duplicates of the statue to smaller replicas made of Belgian chocolate.

The statue is usually nude, but sometimes it’s dressed in one of the thousand or so costumes that have been approved by the non-profit association that reviews the designs submitted each year, and accepts a small number of them. The earliest costume came from France’s King Louis XV in 1747, as an apology for a plot by French soldiers to steal the statue.

Dark Thoughts on an Easter Morning

Dracula Pis

I first saw Manneken Pis dressed as Dracula on Easter morning, and couldn’t help but wonder if someone was making a very subtle, very dark joke.

It seemed a strange choice for the holiday. Let’s see…besides Dracula, who else do we know who died, but then rose from the grave and went out in search of people to convert?

Of course, the use of that particular costume on Easter Sunday could have been just a coincidence, and any analogy might exist only in my mind—there’s no denying that I have a morbid taste for transgressive humour—but I sort of doubt it.

Cute Videos of the Day, 15 March 2018 — “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”

Queen Elsa to the rescue.

“Elsa” is a 37-year-old lawyer named Jason Triplett, who was dressed appropriately for Boston’s “Frozen” winter weather earlier this week.

“Cute Video of the Day” is an occasional feature on this blog. It includes an alarming number of videos that show children falling down.