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Pêche Seafood Grill — Lunch on 10 February 2020

Pêche Seafood Grill.

Pêche Seafood Grill

Founded in 2014, Pêche is a newcomer in a city that measures the longevity of its restaurants in decades. It got off to a brilliant start, though, winning that year’s James Beard award for Best New Restaurant in America. The same year, Pêche chef Ryan Prewitt took the James Beard award for Best Chef: South. Pêche regularly turns up on lists of the 10 best restaurants in New Orleans.

The restaurant is a big, airy single room. No dress code here; the accent is on casual comfort.

Fish Sticks

Fish Sticks

I joked, a few weeks ago, about preparing for an elegant homemade gourmet dinner by first defrosting the fish sticks. Fish sticks! How silly of me.

When I started to research restaurants for my trip, I noticed something unexpected about the reviews of Pêche: the food critics kept raving about the restaurant’s fish sticks. “You can skip the shrimp toast …but not the beer-battered fish sticks (really)”, wrote one. “Don’t miss the shareable beer-battered fish sticks”, said another. Who’d a thunk it?

Pêche’s fish sticks are indeed excellent. They’re worlds away from the elementary school cafeteria staple that gives fish a bad name.

Now if only someone would reimagine tater tots and chicken nuggets….

Smothered Catfish

Smothered Catfish

“Smothered”, in this context, describes a cooking method used in Cajun and Creole cuisines. It’s basically stove-top braising, and in Louisiana it’s used to tenderize and flavour all sorts of game, domestic animals, seafood, and vegetables.

For my main, I had a fine serving of Smothered Catfish. Or so I thought….

A Disturbing Discovery

I left the restaurant happy and satisfied, a mood that lingered until I took a close look at my receipt and noticed something shocking.

Smothered cat? My god, what had these maniacs served me?