Drago’s — Dinner on 9 February 2020


Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

I arrived in New Orleans late Sunday afternoon, checked into my hotel, and walked down to Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, “Home of the Original Charbroiled Oyster”, for my first meal of this year’s visit to the city. My Colorado brother and sister-in-law had recommended Drago’s years ago, and a visit to the restaurant has become part of my standard New Orleans routine. Drago’s doesn’t take reservations—unusual for New Orleans—but it’s huge, so I knew I’d have no trouble getting in.

The seafood restaurant has an extensive menu, but the specialty of the house is the aforementioned Charbroiled Oyster which the menu describes as “The Single Best Bite of Food in Town”.

Here’s how charbroiled oysters are prepared:

First, the chef places an order of lightly-breaded oysters on the half shell on a grill over a fire.

Then this happens.

After that, the oysters are plated and drenched in melted butter. Lots of melted butter. This is not a meal for the weak of heart, in any sense of the term.

And it comes out here.

You can choose between a serving of six oysters for $13.95 or a dozen for $23.95. I went all-in and ordered the dozen, and had absolutely no regrets.

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