Teddy & The Bully Bar — Lunch on 28 January 2020

The restaurants I wrote about in January featured cuisines that spanned the globe, or at least the part of it that’s in the Northern Hemisphere. We went from France to India to Georgia to Italy to the Philippines, with quick stops in Korea and Thailand. Now we’re near the end, and we’re going to finish with two places where the food is so American that the restaurants are named after US Presidents. First up is Teddy & The Bully Bar.

Teddy & The Bully Bar

Teddy & The Bully Bar

The “Teddy” in Teddy & The Bully Bar is Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, and the restaurant is decorated 21st-century artwork commemorating his life and times. It only takes seven minutes to walk there from my place at Dupont Circle, but the vibe in the area is much more professional and business-like than the more free-spirited atmosphere at Dupont.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Best bowl of Brussels sprouts I’ve had a quite a while, and I’m really fond of Brussels sprouts. These came with a balsamic gastrique, spiced hazelnuts, and pomegranate seeds.

 Creekstone New York Strip Steak

 Creekstone New York Strip Steak

My main was perfectly cooked Grilled New York Strip Steak with roasted shitake, confit pearl onion, brandy beef jus, big chunky frites, and a delicious puree that I couldn’t quite identify, which turned out to be parsnip. I made a note to research parsnip recipes in anticipation of the time my kitchen is restored to the point that I can revive my currently dormant Cookery Project.

Slow Poached Pear Crisp

Slow Poached Pear Crisp

Poached pear with salted caramel ice cream and granola crumble. It was all right, but not as exciting as the rest of the excellent meal.

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