Kaliwa — Lunch on 16 January 2020



Lunch du jour is at Kaliwa, another DC restaurant on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list.

As the Michelin Guide puts it,

“If you cannot make a trip to Thailand, or the Philippines just isn’t in this year’s budget, you’re in for a treat. A dinner at Kaliwa, tucked inside the District Wharf, is not just a consolation prize. It’s a true feast, about as delicious as can be imagined outside of a journey across the world. Chef Cathal Armstrong’s authentic and delicious Korean, Filipino or Thai cooking is blessed with serious flavor. ”

Kaliwa is one of a whole flock of first-rate restaurants on The Wharf, a sparkling mixed-use development that revitalized yet another formerly run-down area in DC.

Before my lunch at Supra a few days ago, I knew nothing of Georgian food. My ignorance was like a vast field covered with untrammeled snow. My familiarity with Filipino cuisine isn’t much greater, but it’s enough to have a general idea of what to expect, as if someone had plowed a path through that snowfield. (I will now abandon that silly and laboured metaphor, and try to forget I wrote it. I don’t know what I was thinking.)

Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai

This Lumpiang Shanghai was my starter. It was three crisp shrimp and pork fried rolls, each about the size of a cigar. Think Chinese spring rolls, but much tastier and more memorable.

Kai Yaang

Kai Yaang

Chicken for lunch again, but this time it was a wood-grilled half chicken, with a dipping sauce and pickled julienned vegetables. It was excellent, but it filled me up so much that I asked for my dessert to go.

Service was fine, and friendly. People seemed to enjoy working at Kaliwa. I certainly enjoyed dining there.

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