Charlie Palmer Steak — Lunch on 14 August 2019

Charlie Palmer Steak

Charlie Palmer Steak

For those arriving late, we’re about halfway through my annual review of summer Restaurant Week in Washington, DC. Every August, I sample a mix of restaurants that I’ve never tried before and places that I’ve especially enjoyed during earlier visits. I usually wind up with a 60/40 split, favouring the newbies.

Charlie Palmer Steak, a sleek and elegant power lunch hotspot on Capitol Hill, falls into the second category. I hadn’t dined there in a couple of years, but I had fond memories of the restaurant’s delectable meals and first-rate service.

Lamb Sugo

Lamb Sugo

It’s pronounced “shu-go”, and it’s a simple pasta sauce. The pasta, in this case, was house-made black pepper Cavatelli, and the protein was Shenandoah Valley Lamb.

I would love to have this as a main sometime. It was that good.

Glazed Beef Short Ribs

Glazed Beef Short Ribs

The glazed beef short ribs, however, were not as wonderful as I remembered them from the last time I had them at Charlie Palmer.  Not bad, by any means, but simultaneously fattier and less tender.

They were served on olive oil crushed potatoes, with lemon, parsley, and horseradish.

Chocolate Pave

Chocolate Pave

Déjà vu. Yesterday at The Occidental, the starter and the dessert were the highlights of the meal, and outshone the beef main course. Same thing here.

The dark chocolate pave with salted caramel and a blackberry sorbet was a knockout.

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