“One Thousand Miles Apart” and “A Million Miles Away”, with 34 Years between Them

My music streaming service of choice these days is SomaFM’s “Indie Pop Rocks!” playlist, which plays “new and classic favorite indie pop tracks”. Mainly new; I’ve rarely heard anything more than five years old on the channel.

It was SomaFM that introduced me to a Seattle power-pop band called A View of Earth from the Moon, and to the band’s 2017 release, “Closer to a Ghost”. Here’s an audio-only version of “One Thousand Miles Apart”, a song from the album that I’ve been playing repeatedly the past couple of weeks.

Play it loud.

The imaginary DJ who lives somewhere in the far recesses of my brain instantly knew the best possible segue to follow “One Thousand Miles Apart”. It had to be The Plimsouls’ 1983 classic, “A Million Miles Away”.

Play it louder.

Could that video have come from any era other than the 1980s, a decade famous for its superb music and its horrible, horrible hair? I think not.

Here’s a live acoustic performance of “One Thousand Miles Apart” by Seattle singer/songwriter Jonathan Fickes, the artist behind A View of Earth from the Moon:

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