Meltdown! A “Leave Britney Alone” for the 2010s

Meet social media “influencer” Jessy Taylor, who has a problem. Following complaints about Taylor’s racist postings, Instagram temporarily deleted her account. So she did what any sane and responsible media influencer would do, and called 911.

When the police failed to arrest Instagram or something, she published the following video on YouTube.

Warning: NSFW. Language, incredibly foul language, mental illness, gross stupidity, general obnoxiousness, and TMI. Oh, and did I mention language?

Some people have speculated that it’s all an attention-seeking act, but she doesn’t seem bright enough to open a can of cat food without help, let alone come up with that particular kind of scam. Nonetheless, the joke is ultimately on us, because the video has already been viewed more than a million times, probably earning her a significant amount of YouTube money.

But real or fake, this is the best YouTube meltdown since Chris Crocker’s unforgettable “Leave Britney Alone” performance back in September, 2007.

Warning: NSFW. Same reasons as above.

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