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Kusama – Infinity — Official Trailer

Kusama – Infinity is out in limited release.

My Kusama Story

More years ago than I care to count, when I was very young, a friend invited me to visit Yayoi Kusama’s studio/workspace in New York. I’ve forgotten most of the details—who I was with, why we were there—but I do remember a few things.

There was The Couch.

It was just a regular livingroom couch, except that it was entirely covered with white, beanbag-like phalluses. I found this picture of it on the Web:

I think there were 20 or 30 people present that night. It wasn’t exactly a performance,  or an installation, or a party, but it had elements of all three.

Strange mix of people. Art scene types, guys in suits, street kids—a classic Bohemian amalgam. There was one older man who sat on the floor, sketching the crowd. He wore glasses, which held the sheet of paper that he was using to hide his face in place, so he couldn’t be identified.

While someone filmed the scene, Kusama kept urging the younger crowd to get naked and dance around the artwork. Several did, but I, alas, was not among them. Looking back, I sort of regret that now, although not very much. While it would be nice to have a souvenir of the days when I was young and pretty, staying dressed that night doesn’t rank on my personal list of Top Ten Regretable Decisions.

Some of Kusama’s Recent Installations