I’m Still Here

Maybe it was burn-out, maybe it was just late-summer inertia.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been hors de combat recently, which is why you didn’t see many postings from me last month.

Back in the 60s, Roger Price originated the philosophy of Avoidism, which holds that all the problems in the world are created by people who do things, and that the best response to that is to avoid doing anything.*

I read Price at a young age, and he’s been a  major influence on me ever since. Just as some people read Atlas Shrugged in their teens and never grow out of it, or watch Star Trek as kids and spend the rest of their lives arguing Kirk vs Picard, I’ve made Avoidism a defining part of my existence.

But here’s the thing: In the next month or so, I have to plan, organize, and launch two major projects, both of which will have long-term, life-changing effects on me and my environment.

That’s a lot to Avoid.

As a result, I expect to be spending much of my time avoiding those projects by blogging, alphabetizing my CDs, and playing Gummy Drop.

Much more to come.

*As a philosopher, Price makes L. Ron Hubbard look like a half-baked dabbler. Oh, wait….


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