The Art of Duane Hanson

Haven’t done one of these “the Art of…” in quite awhile.

After lunch at 701, I walked a few blocks to the American Art Museum. The museum shares a building with the National Portrait Gallery, and has a beautiful enclosed courtyard, which is the perfect place to read, or write, or just hang out after a meal.

There’s one objet in the museum’s collection that always surprises me, no matter how many times I stumble across it: Duane Hanson’s “Woman Eating”.

Hanson’s life-sized, fiberglass figures are so realistic you wonder why a museum guard doesn’t tell them to “move on, because you can’t do that here.” The American Art Museum adds to the fun by periodically moving “Woman Eating” from place to place, so you never know where she’ll turn up next.

Woman Eating

Woman Eating

From Other Collections

Here are a few more images of Hanson’s works, gathered from around the Web. Only two of the figures in these images are real live people. They’re easy to spot.

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