Girlfriend at Signature Theatre

So the reason I was in Shirlington, Virginia, was to catch a performance of Girlfriend, a little charmer of a show that uses the music from Matthew Sweet’s classic 1991 album Girlfriend as its score.

The elegant Tuesday Weld, on the cover of Girlfriend

The play is a boy-meets-boy story, set in small-town Nebraska in 1993, during the summer after the characters’  senior year in high school. Accompanying the two-person cast is an on-stage,  all-female band that ROCKS. So do immensely likable actors Jimmy Mavrikes and Lukas James Miller, as they tentatively explore uncharted territory during a summer filled with drive-ins and tape mixes. {SPOILER: There’s a happy ending. I’m tempted to call it “sweet”, but since that’s the composer’s name, that might come off as too cutesy.]

The night I saw Girlfriend, the audience gave it a well-deserved standing ovation.

Me, I went home smiling, put on a headset, and played Matthew Sweet’s iconic rock album. Loud.

Here’s the original 1991 video for the title track of Girlfriend:


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