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2017 Cookery Project — Sour Cream Chicken with Apple and Onion

Sour Cream Chicken with Apple and Onion

Sour Cream Chicken with Apple and Onion

It’s getting close to the end of the year, and this might be the last posted meal of the 2017 Cookery Project. Or maybe not.

I went to some old printed cookbooks for the recipes for today’s lunch. The Sour Cream Chicken with Apple and Onion recipe came from a 1994 book called The Easier You Make It, the Better It Tastes. After carmelizing sliced apples and onions, I put them on top of chicken breasts that had been on slathered with sour cream and seasoned with basil. Each chicken breast went into a tightly sealed aluminum foil packet and baked for half an hour.

The glazed carrots came from a 1981 book called Dinner for Two, and featured Hungarian paprika—guess where that came from—and a bit of brown sugar.

It was a good meal, but it didn’t look v interesting.  The white-on-white-on-white of apples and onions on sour cream on chicken breast seems bland.

Needs a touch of green on the plate, doesn’t it?

2018 New Year’s Resolution Number 2

Work on more creative plating for food photography.

★ Disaster. Inedible. Poisoned the cat.
★★ OK, but once is enough.
★★★ Mixed results. Something went wrong, but might try this again.
★★★★ Good, but lacks that special something.
★★★★★ Excellent. Goes into my “This is a winner” file.


David Bowie: The Last Five Years Coming to HBO

The BBC documentary, David Bowie: The Last Five Years, is coming to HBO early next year.

According to the BBC’s program notes:

“This is an intimate portrait of one of the defining artists of the 20th and early 21st centuries, told by the people who knew him best – his friends and artistic collaborators.

“This film takes a detailed look at Bowie’s last albums, The Next Day and Blackstar, and his play Lazarus. In his final five years, Bowie not only began producing music again, but returned to the core and defining themes of his career. This film explores how Bowie was a far more consistent artist than many interpretations of his career would have us believe. It traces the core themes from his final works and relates them to his incredible back catalogue. His urge to communicate feelings of spirituality, alienation and fame underpin his greatest works from the 1960s to 2016. This is what lies at the heart of his success and appeal – music that deals with what it means to be human in a way that goes far beyond the normal palette of a rock star.”

David Bowie: The Last Five Years premieres on HBO on 8 January 2018, commemorating what would have been Bowie’s 71st birthday.

Lunch at Múzeum Café and Restaurant

When I was here in 2009, Time Out Budapest named Múzeum Café and Restaurant as the “Best Traditional Hungarian” restaurant in the city. I decided to try it, and had one of those rare, unforgettable meals that consisted of one high note after another.

I wondered if it would be as good when I went back eight years later.  The verdict: Still exceptional, but somewhat diminished.

It’s possible that it was just a matter of bad timing. I visited on a Saturday, and only discovered after I’d arrived that the restaurant was offering an abbreviated menu on the weekend.

Chicken Soup

The menu described my starter as a “rich home-made hen soup”—made, I assume, from a rich home-made hen. There were noodles and vegetables in that bowl, too.

Goose Leg

This is a Budapest classic. Hidden behind the goose leg in the photo is the traditional accompanying red cabbage, and on the side is a serving of onion smashed potatoes.

Goose, and game like venison and rabbit, have much larger roles in Hungarian cuisine than they do in the US.


This was a specialty of the house:  Somló Trifle Múzeum-style. Messy and wonderful.

Here’s a short promotional video for Múzeum: