Grapeseed — Bastille Day Lunch

Bethesda’s Grapeseed doesn’t identify itself as a French restaurant, but its menu features some dishes that would be at home in any Paris bistro. I thought it would be a good place for a Bastille Day lunch.

Besides, I’ve been dining at Grapeseed for ages, and wanted to make a final visit, because it’s closing at the end of July, after 17 years. Cleveland Park’s Nam Viet, another old favourite that dates back to the turn of the century, closed just a few weeks ago, and now this. Add the closure over the past year of other restaurants I’ve enjoyed like Vidalia, the Little Fountain, Panache, and Poste, and It’s like one of those teen slasher movies from the 80s, where random characters get knocked off for no good reason.

A person given to hyperbole might think my dining scene has turned into Camp Crystal Lake, and my homey restaurants are the horny camp counselors, but of course I’d never write anything that silly….

Anyway, back to lunch.

Wild Mushroom Fricassee

Wild Mushroom Fricassee

My starter was Wild Mushroom Fricassee, something I’d never tried before. As soon as I got home, I started researching recipes for this one, because it was definitely something I want to eat again. The mushrooms were served on truffle polenta, and the sauce was rich and buttery.

Steak Frites

Steak Frites

What could be more French than Steak Frites? It was exactly what I wanted.

Au Revoir, Grapeseed. You’ll be missed.

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