2017 Cookery Project — Bastille Day Cheesecake

Bastille Day Cheesecake

Bastille Day Cheesecake

The day that started with a low-effort Bastille Day Breakfast ended with a much more complex Bastille Day Cheesecake.

Most of the work took place the night before, because the cheesecake needed an overnight stay in the refrigerator to set properly. I used the same recipe as last year, and this time around, I managed to avoid the disaster that made the 2016 cheesecake’s surface look like it had been hit by a magnitude 4.7 earthquake.

2016 Bastille Day Cheesecake

2016 Bastille Day Cheesecake

Note how I cleverly disguised much of the damage to the 2016 Bastille Day Cheesecake by hiding it under a seemingly random scattering of blueberries and raspberries.

Anyhow, both last year’s cheesecake and this year’s tasted….

Well, put it this way: Have you ever heard anyone claim that a piece of cheesecake was anything less that great? By definition, cheesecake always tastes wonderful.

I’ve decided to start rating these experiments on a five-star scale, The boldface entry is my evaluation of the current dish.

★ Disaster. Inedible. Poisoned the cat.
★★ OK, but once is enough.
★★★ Mixed results. Something went wrong, but might try this again.
★★★★ Good, but lacks that special something.
★★★★★ Excellent. Goes into my “This is a winner” file.


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