Lunch at Trattoria Cherubino

Trattoria Cherubino is a small family restaurant a few streets away from Piazza San Marco. It’s been around forever, has no website, and has a reputation for serving authentic Northern Italian seafood.

Spaghetti alla Veneta

Spaghetti alla Veneta

My First Course, my Primi Piatti, was Spaghetti with Cuttlefish. The cuttlefish morsels had the taste and texture of mushrooms, and the spaghetti got its colour from the cuttlefish’s ink.

Cuttlefish belong to the same class as squid and octopuses, and I’m beginning to have doubts about eating them. Octopuses in particular seem to have a surprisingly high intelligence. I need to research this a little more.

Frittura mista dell'Adriatico

Frittura mista dell’Adriatico

This dish, mixed fried fish from the Adriatic Sea, was challenging.

It really was a mixture. I counted at least nine different sea creatures, only four of which I could definitely identify. I was at a loss as to how some of the fish should be eaten. Was that part edible? Is that an eel? Should this be eaten whole?

But travel is about discovering and trying new things. If I’d just wanted American food, I might as well have stayed in Washington, and sent out for Lechón Asado or Pad Kra Prao Gai. So I soldiered on.

It was a memorable meal, and the service was friendly and charming, but I’d probably order a different main if I dined there again.


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