“Sissi” — Museo Correr and the Empress of Austria

Museo Correr, the museum of the art and history of Venice, sits on the side of Piazza San Marco farthest from the Basilica.

I had a special reason for making Museo Correr one of my first stops in the city. When I was in Vienna a few years ago, I became fascinated by the brilliant, tragic, and beautiful “Sissi”, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was born the same year that Victoria took the throne in the United Kingdom, and even now, more than a century after her assassination, she has an almost mythical status in the shards of the old the Austro-Hungarian Empire. An independent free spirit, Sissi was the Princess Diana of her time and place.



During her visits to Venice, her apartments were in what’s now Museo Correr. Nine of the rooms have been partially restored.

I’d been hoping for preserved period rooms.  I didn’t quite get that, but some of the galleries had hints of what might have been.

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Exploring the galleries at Museo Correr eventually leads you to Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, the National Library of St Mark’s. And then you look up.


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