Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar, Another “Miracle on Seventh Street”

Last December, I posted an item about the “Miracle on Seventh Street,” a pop-up bar that, uh, pops up in Washington between Thanksgiving and New Years. The highlight of the 2016 version was a tribute to Stranger Things, decorated with a Ouija board wall and hundreds of those erratically strung Christmas lights that played such a key part on the show. And the highpoint of the tribute was a shrine to “Barb,” the break-out character from the series.  (Barb deserved better.)

Scenes from Christmas in the Upside Down

And Now There’s This

According to the National Park Service, Washington’s famous cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom between March 14 and 17, 2017, about three weeks earlier than usual.
So, as DCist put it:

“The Cherry Blossom PUB (pop up bar) will open March 1, taking over Southern Efficiency (1841 7th St. NW) and the Mockingbird Hill space (1843 7th St. NW) in Shaw. It’s the latest project from Drink Company and owner Derek Brown, who struck bartending gold in 2015 with the sparkly and whimsical Miracle on 7th Street holiday bar. The seasonal hotspot opened again in 2016 with triple the space (and a Stranger Things addition). Lines stretched up the block for weeks.”

And here it is:

All photos found on the Net.


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