Bastille — Lunch on 21 February 2017

We’re near the end now. I’ve saved some of the best for last.

I’ve been going to Bastille for close to 10 ten years now, starting in the days when it was in another part of Alexandria. When it moved to its current location, I followed.

Beignets de crevettes

Beignets de crevettes

“Beignets de crevettes” are also known as “Shrimp fritters”. I wasn’t sure what to do with the thin lime slice on top of each beignet, so I just moved each one to the plate and pressed it under my fork until it yielded a bit of lime juice, which I then mixed into the guacamole. and I have no idea why I’m babbling on about such a meaningless detail, except that it’s late at night and I’m not at my peak right now.

Gambas and Quinoa Salad

Gambas and Quinoa Salad

Yes, I followed a shrimp starter with a shrimp main. This was good stuff:  Grilled shrimp with a warm quinoa salad using a  preserved lemon vinaigrette, tomato, piquillo, fennel, scallions, and pine nuts.



As usual at Bastille, dessert was a killer. These profiterole pastries were filled with housemade espresso ice cream and topped with a chocolate— Valrhona, of course—fudge sauce.

If Bastille were in my neighborhood, I’d probably eat there once a week.


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