The Oval Room — Lunch on 6 February 2017

And we’re off again! As expected, some of Washington’s most interesting restaurants have extended Winter Restaurant Week 2017 for another few days. Both the Knightsbridge Restaurant Group and the José Andrés restaurants will continue offering specials, and I plan to take advantage of them to the best of my abilities.

Today I had lunch at The Oval Room, which is on the north side of Lafayette Square, the park in front of the White House.The Oval Room is one of the Knightsbridge group, which also includes Bibiana, where I had those incredible short ribs last week, and Rasika, which I’ll be visiting tomorrow.



I started with Cold Smoked Trout, a side of potato salad, and purple mustard greens, with a few apple slices on the side. So much of the enjoyment of food comes from the presentation, and this was a pretty dish.



My main was Roasted Pork Blade Steak, on a bed of butter braised cabbage.There was a roasted apple purée, and caraway jus. It was all right, but not among the best mains I’ve had during my half-dozen or so meals at The Oval Room. Definitely a disappointment.



The star of the meal was the dessert. It was called Undone Chocolate Cake, and I have no idea what was “Undone” about it, but it was really good. It came with a bittersweet chocolate mousse, and an intense raspberry coulis.

Raspberry and chocolate. Two of my favourite tastes.


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