Planet Earth II — Extended Trailer

Planet Earth II, the sequel to Planet Earth, Sir David Attenborough’s 2006 BBC nature documentary series, is finally making it to the US. The series ran last fall in the UK, where it was a huge popular and critical success. The Independent called it “undoubtedly the greatest TV nature documentary to date”, and The Guardian named it “The Best TV Series of the Year”.

The photography in Planet Earth II nothing short of amazing.

Each of the six episodes focuses on a different environment. Last November, I posted an item about a scene from “Islands”, the first episode, that showed a baby iguana attempting to escape from….

Well. just watch it, preferably full screen. It’s the most exciting thing you’ll see all day.

The first episode was scheduled to run in the States last month, but it’s been moved to Saturday, 18 February 2017. It will be simulcast across BBC America, AMC, and that sad little remnant of the once-great Sundance channel, which will interrupt its non-stop Law and Order SUX marathon for the show. That’s how good it is.

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