Pictures from an Exhibition

O, to be in Liverpool
Now that February’s there…

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool has opened an exhibition called “Victorian Treasures”,  which “brings together more than 60 outstanding Victorian paintings and watercolours from the art collections of National Museums Liverpool. The exhibition explores the work of leading 19th-century classical artists such as Frederic Leighton, Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Edward John Poynter. It also showcases work from pioneering Pre-Raphaelite artists including John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt.”

With my love of Victoriana in general, and the Pre-Raphaelites in particular, I wish I could be there.

The painting at the top of this posting is John William Waterhouse’s “The Decameron”, which is part of the exhibition. Here are a few other paintings from the show:

"Confidences", by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

“Confidences”, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

"Dolce far Niente", by Charles Edward Perugini

“Dolce far Niente”, by Charles Edward Perugini

I’m going to remember the title of this picture. “Dolce far Niente” can be translated as “the sweetness of doing nothing”.

"Madeline after Prayer", by Daniel Maclise

“Madeline after Prayer”, by Daniel Maclise


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