Not Your Grandfather’s Archie Comics

“America’s Typical Teen-Ager”—even though he never was, isn’t now, and never will be—gets a 21st century makeover on The CW this month. It surprised me to learn that Archie Comics are not only still being published, but that the Archie Comics company is apparently thriving. Is Mad magazine still around?

FWIW, Archie first appeared in a comic book on 22 December 1941. We don’t know his birthdate, but given that he was already a teenager when he made that first appearance, lets assume he was born ~1925. That would make him a spry 92-year-old today.

Archie’s First Appearance

If The CW is to be believed, Archie and the gang have certainly aged well, but their hometown of Riverdale has taken on an ominous, dangerous aspect, as if George Bailey’s Bedford Falls had mutated into Twin Peaks instead of Pottersville.

Here’s a look:

The World’s Hottest Nonagenarians

KJ Apa as “Archie Andrews” and Cole Sprouse as “Jughead Jones”

Camila Mendes as “Veronica Lodge” and Lili Reinhart as “Betty Cooper”

Archie’s parents, btw, are being played by Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald.

Riverdale debuts on 26 January 2017.


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