Daily Archives: 6 January 2017

London Design Festival

Interior Design has posted some great images of environments and installations from the 2016 London Design Festival. Here’s a sample. Many more at the link.

All pictures and descriptions are from the site.


“The mesmerizing reflections of Benjamin Hubert’s Foil installation for Braun at the V&A. The 66-foot-long structure swaths the room in dappled light while a continuous soundtrack of classical music is played. Photography by Ed Reeve.”


“MINI and Asif Khan present the MINI LIVING Forests installation in Shoreditch. Featuring three box-like structures, including one elevated on stilts that visitors must climb under to gain access, the publicly placed spaces offer visitors brief respite from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Image courtesy of London Design Festival.”


“Bocci’s immersive light installation 44 is the second site-specific commission for the Lightwell in the Barbican foyer. Designed by Omer Arbel, the light installation comprises over 300 free-poured aluminum forms suspended from the ceiling by a matrix of thin cables. Photography by Tobias Faisst.”