Marisqueria Ribeira do Mino and My Last Lunch in Madrid

Marisqueria Ribeira do Mino

Marisqueria Ribeira do Mino

My last, messiest, and most over-the-top meal in Madrid was at Marisqueria Ribeira do Minor, a Galician seafood restaurant.

I ordered the seafood platter for one. I knew exactly what I was getting into.

This is what the server brought to my table:

To repeat, that’s a seafood platter for one. Ribeira do Mino offers a full and varied menu, but the seafood platter is what makes them famous.

It takes time to work through the mountain of carabineros, gambas, crab, and langoustine.

Here’s the platter ~20 minutes later:

The waiter came around periodically to replace my shell-filled discard  bowl with a fresh one.

Another twenty minutes, and the final layers were in sight. The strange-looking dark chunk at the top of the pile is made of percebes, aka goose barnacles. I’d never heard of them, but intuitively figured out how to eat them. At least, I think I did. No one pointed and stared, so I guess I got it right.

By the time I scraped the last bit of deliciousness out the oyster shells hiding beneath the crab, I was ready for a long nap.

But not before I finished things off with a perfect piece of blueberry cheesecake, and a complimentary shot glass of a chocolate liqueur.

The word “memorable” was coined for meals like this.

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