Madrid Miscellanea 2

More good memories of Madrid.

The Chuecha Subway Station

The best, fastest way to get around Madrid is the easy-to-use subway system. Many of the subway’s stations are designed to reflect the culture of the areas they serve. Here’s the Chuecha station, which is in the heart of Madrid’s gay community.

Most European subway systems are faster, more extensive, and more reliable than Washington’s deteriorating Metro. DC, however, has one great advantage, thanks, in part, to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: Escalators!

The London Tube and the Paris Metro date back to the 19th century. The Metro de Madrid opened in 1919. As a result, escalators and elevators can be hard to find, and many of the train stations are accessible only via stairs. That makes it difficult for people with suitcases, shopping bags, or aging, arthritic knees.

The Chuecha subway station is one of the exceptions.

Real Jardín Botánico

Late fall is obviously not the best time to visit the Botanical Gardens, but they’re beautiful all year round.



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