Lunch at Casa 9

I was the first person to arrive for lunch at Casa 9, a block from the Gran Via. It’s unsettling to be the only customer in a restaurant. Had I made a huge mistake? Casa 9 was impressively reviewed, but where was the crowd?

I’m glad I’d made a reservation, because 15 minutes later, the restaurant was full, and turning away customers at the door.



I had a medley of fried seafood for my starter, along with a small salad. Spain is calamari heaven.

Pork and Venison

Pork and Venison

I admit it, I’m a carnivore. For my main, tender, grilled Iberian pork and marinated venison were a perfect combination. Game meat like venison is much easier to find in Europe than it is in the US—another point for Europe.



My waitress said that one of the dessert options was “apple cake”, so I was a little surprised when I saw it. No problem. It was excellent, and her English was vastly superior to my Spanish.


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