Christmas Market at Plaza Mayor

I love Christmas Markets. Some cities, like Munich and Budapest, have a big, centralized events—those are the ones I like best. Vienna and Berlin have a number of small markets scattered throughout the cities. Those are fun, too. (When I was Berlin last year, I went to the Christmas market at Charlottenburg Palace and to the one in front of St. Mary’s Church, near Alexanderplatz. I didn’t visit the Berlin Christmas Market that was attacked by a deranged barbarian this year.)

There’s a small Christmas Market  in Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square. It’s worth a visit, if only to see Casa de la Panadería, the building on the north side of the square.

This is La Casa de la Panadería, which gets its name from its original use, as a home for the Bakers’ Guild. Today it houses the Madrid Tourist Board.

The building’s signature frescos have been a feature since the 17th century. These aren’t the originals, however. Plaza Mayor has burnt at least three times, and the current frescos were painted in 1992.

La Casa de la Panadería joins my “Favourite Buildings” list!


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