A Moveable Feast at Mercado de San Miguel

The Mercado de San Miguel is more than just a market. While you can, if you want, buy all the raw ingredients you’d need to prepare a complete home meal, that’s not what brings most people here.  The market’s 40+ vendors offer an extensive selection of beautifully prepared tapas, which you can nibble on as you drift from booth to booth, drinking good Spanish wine as you go.

It’s like a big, crowded party in an upscale food court.  Since this is Madrid, the party lasts until midnight (and 2 AM on weekends).

They make it so easy! Here’s an offer from The Sherry Corner, one of Market’s vendors:

“We have an original idea of how you can taste wines at a reasonable price: We provide you with an audio guide that you should carry with you, and we serve you six of the finest wines on an original, Moroccan-style tray that you can carry with you around the market. We also provide you with six vouchers that you can redeem at different stalls. Each coupon is good for one tapa, and they will help to awaken your senses.”

The audio guide is available in eight languages, and there’s no time limit on the deal. At 30€, that’s an irresistible offer.

A Selection of the Market’s Offerings


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