2016 Cookery Project — Second Half Review

I saw an ad a few weeks ago for a novelty Christmas present. It was a 2017 day planner, with spaces on each daily page for progress reports on self-improvement projects, exercise schedules, diet notes, and financial budgeting. That is, it had that stuff for each day until about the third week in January. The rest of the pages were blank.

It was a day planner for realists.

That hit way too close to home. My own traditional New Year’s resolutions—develop a wine palate, learn French, walk more, play Internet less—tend to go down in flames early in the year.

This year, though, I did stick with one of those goals through the entire 12 months: The 2016 Cookery Project.

I learned a lot about food and kitchen skills in 2016. Despite—or maybe because of—any number of stove top disasters, the quality of my meals at home improved dramatically, far beyond what I’d expected when I started the project last January.

Back in July, I posted pictures of some of the things I’d made during the first half of the year. Here are some from he second half:


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