Farewell to a Terrible Year

The sad but beautiful image above is the work of  christhebarker, and was taken from his Instagram feed.

Well, 2016 wasn’t entirely terrible.

There was the pure joy of Stranger Things last summer.

And there was Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. Not so much for the prize itself, but for the pleasure it gave some of us to watch Millennials go nuts with sputtering, incoherent rage that, once again, an old white guy had prevented them from taking their rightful place at the forefront of the culture. Millennials are so cute when they’re angry!

And… I can’t think of anything else off-hand, but I’m sure there must have been something else in 2016 that wasn’t tragic, or disgusting, or stupid, or ugly. Or, in the case of a certain short-fingered vulgarian, all of the above.

Mac McCaughan, of Superchunk and Portastatic, has written a song to say goodbye to 2016. It’s called “Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again)”.


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